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SWP No. 067: Sarah Hawkes

September 17, 1692

SWP No. 67.1

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(Examination of Sarah Hawkes )

[September 1, 1692]

1 Sept'r].. 1692/ Before Maj'r Gidney Mr Hathorne Mr Corwin Jno Higginson Esq'r The Examination & Confession of Sarah Hawks Daughter in law to Sam'll Wardwell of Andivor

After the afflicted p'rsons had accused her & the Rest of Her Comp'a w'th aflicting of them and.[p']rticularly making them daunce & Sing Several houres at Mr Tylers House And after her Stricking them dwone w'th the Glance of her Eyes in the Court & Recovering them again She Confesses as followes Viz That this last Spring after she had turned the Sive & [Sissers] the Divel Came to her and gott a promise of her but She Never had any thing of him She Saith She went to Salem Village Metting of Witches w'th Good Carryer. She promised to Serve the Divel 3 or 4 Years & to give him her Soul & body & that She signed a paper He offered to her by Making a black Scraule or Mark w'th a Stick as a Confermation of the Covenant & he promised She Should have w't She Wanted but never had any thing of him She Saith She Never afflicted till last night, when She afflicted Martha Sprauge & Rose fostter -- She Saith She knoweth that when She pulled of her Glove In Court She afflicted them -- Noate that Sarah Hawks in Recov'g Sprauge out of her fitt gript her wrist Soe hard that [pr']sently it Swelled & Sprauge Could not Stir it but upon Hawks laying her hand Gently upon it it was [prsently wel again -- She Saith the paper She signed Seemed to her to hang Upon Nothing at the 1rst & 2nd aperance of the Divel he was like a man but the 3rd aperance was like a Shadow She Saith the Divel doth Carry Things out of her mind Strangly for when She Came Up Stairs She had amind to Confese but now Cannot -- She Saith further that W[mbar ] Barker was one of her Company when they Daunced at Mr Tylers house & that they Caused Ephraim fostter Wife to Daunce at home & Martha Sprauge Sung at Mr Tylers almost all day till She was almost killed. She Conffesses that Stephen Johnson Her father & Mother & her Sister Mercy ware of her Company She was baptized a little above a month a goe in five Mile pond & Renounced her former baptisime the Divel dipt her face in the Watt'r & he was then in the Shape of a black Man & has Seen him Several times Since - as to the Witch Metting at the Village She Saw there a doz'n of Strangers riding upon poles but knew them not, ther was aman or 2 the Rest ware Woemen one of the Men ware talle the other short & fatt Noate here that when She had Conffessed all as above, Except the Renounceing of her former baptizme She Could not Come Near any of the afflicted [p'r]rsons without Tormenting them w'th her Eyes but when She did Remember & Conffesed that She had Renounced her former baptiz'e then they ware are Reconciled & Could all take one another by the hand frely -

Sarah Hawks Signed & owned The Mark
the above S'd Examination & 7 of
Confession before - me *John Higginson Sarah Hawks
17 Sep'r 1692

( Essex Institute Collection, No. 24, 9v. Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. MA.)

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